Some of the lovely feedback we have had from our families and young people.

‘I was delighted and felt completely at ease leaving my child at the scheme’

‘(we) loved the playscheme and all activities and felt safe’ ‘There was an impressive wide range of activities and obviously a lot of thought was used’ ‘Being able to relax and have a break without worries about how (child) was getting on’

‘A break, opportunity to catch up on studies or spend time with other sibling + partner’

‘Apart from being happier and more relaxed in general – its broken up a very long holiday. I’ve been able to get on with things that my son would not have participated in. I’m happy he’s with his friends socialising away from the computer. It helps me cope more with when he’s at home’

‘I am able to spend some quiet time with my daughter which is very important as it is extremely tiring and stress looking after a child with special needs.’

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