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When a CHIPS child was asked why he enjoyed coming to CHIPS' Playscheme he said:
"To play with other children and not to feel different".

To learn more about CHIPS and the schemes we run please see the 'About Us' sections.

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CHIPS Registered Charity No. 1069535

CHIPS stands for Children’s Integrated Playschemes. We offer play and social opportunities for children with additional needs aged 3 to 19 living in the Hertfordshire council districts of East Hertfordshire and Broxbourne. Brothers and sisters are strongly encouraged to join as CHIPS believes that all children should play together regardless of their needs. Simple play is vital in any child’s development. It is not only fun, play is a key component of healthy living by enabling good physical, emotional, mental and social development.

CHIPS is run by a group of parents and professionals who all live locally. We organise Saturday short play sessions during school term time and day long play sessions during the school holidays including 3 week sessions during the long summer holidays. Between 25 and 30 children are welcomed each time at our playschemes. These are organised in Ware, Hertford, Bishops Stortford, Hoddesdon and Cheshunt.

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