Thank you for choosing to donate or fundraise for CHIPS!

Whether you are running a marathon or selling cakes at a local fete, every pound you raise for us is extremely important and valued. CHIPS offers play, social opportunities and support to nearly 300 families across East Herts and Broxbourne. We have six Playscheme locations that run all year round, specialist clubs, a teen group, and a parent/carer group! Each year we need to raise over £120,000 to keep our doors open and the smiles happening – your fundraising makes a real difference.

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Thank you for your support!




What your support can do at CHIPS

£5 Healthy snacks and drinks for one of our Saturday Schemes
£10 A Christmas gift for one of our children
£20 A parachute for one of our schemes – great for group games!
£50 A first aid kit for one of our schemes
£150 A trip out for our Teen Group
£250 A group visit out bowling
£500 Some specialist sensory equipment for one of our schemes
£1,000 A specialist bike for children with limited mobility