‘CHIPS is amazing and needs support from all parents/Herts county and local charities.  It’s the only group in the area and is a life saver to lots of families.  Top marks to CHIPS and all staff!!’

‘Thank you for the support you give to our children and to us carers! My son has forged amazing friendships at his club meetings.’

‘CHIPS is a big part of our children’s and our lives and I hope that they can continue for a very long time; they are the only service we have found that have remained constant, consistent, reliable and sympathetic to our family’s needs.  Thank you! ‘

‘Thank you for taking good care of the boys this summer and giving me some days to do normal things and take a breather !!’

‘You have been absolutely amazing! My son was looking forward to come to your CHIPS playscheme.  He was talking non stop about stuff he was doing.’

‘The team at Hoddesdon are always warm, welcoming, happy to see the children and very very professional.  I always feel confident leaving my son at the sessions.  CHIPS widens my sons horizons – he ordinarily wouldn’t try half of the things CHIPS offers at home.’