Eligibility Criteria
We cater for children aged 3-15 years from East Herts District Council area and the Borough of Broxbourne.
We welcome families with a child or children: –
1. Whose special needs limit their participation in social and leisure
2. Or whose care needs limit their siblings opportunities.
3. Or who need significant extra physical care from their parents.
4. Aged 16-19 years who have attended CHIPS for 3 years, who present no health and safety issues and for whom the parents and play leader agree that a playscheme is still appropriate.
Both the child with special needs and any brothers and sisters of a suitable age will be welcome on the schemes.
Children who exhibit behavioral or emotional difficulties not arising from their disability will not normally be considered.
Children whose behavior despite 1:1 supervision, poses a significant risk to themselves or others on the scheme and who are not readily restrained may have to be asked to seek alternative care.
Parents of children, who have attended CHIPS for more than 3 years before their families move out of area, may ask the Trustees to consider their continued attendance.
Consideration will only be given if the play leader agrees that it is in the child’s best interest and funding is available from the new area.
In certain cases, at the discretion of the play leader, it may be possible to consider children whose parents have significant special needs making it difficult for them to access other groups for their children, if this would be in the child’s interest.
Children whose parents help on the scheme may attend when their parents are present.
Children of sufficient age, ability and maturity to act as volunteers may attend at the discretion of the play leader.
All new children will be offered a trial session before starting on a scheme to see whether the scheme is suitable for them.