Some of the lovely feedback we have had from our families and young people.

“Our son first started attending Chips when he was five. It  was the first time we had ever left him in someone else’s care and we were so worried! From that first visit, he absolutely loved it. He made friends there and felt accepted and safe.
As parents, knowing he is socialising, having fun and safe is hugely important to us. The staff know him (and his triggers!) so well that we can leave him and know he is well cared for and understood.  The time he spends at Chips gives us the opportunity to focus all of our attention on daughter which we are grateful for.  Our Son is eleven now and still loves his time at Chips. He is also visiting Chips Model Railway Club too!! We’ll always be grateful for the kindness, patience and understanding that everyone at Chips has shown to our son – thank youxxx❤
My Son joined CHIPS around 6 years ago, he always played on his own and never joined in the activities at first, but the staff at CHIPS worked hard to involve him in every activity all the time.  He soon got involved in games with the other children and loves to play in teams at wheel chair rugby. His confidence and independence has grown so much and has made some lovely friends. We look forward to going on Saturday’s and during the holidays. Joanne E
CHIPS is truly a fantastic scheme. It has given our son an opportunity to social with other children
outside of school in a small, happy and safe environment. He enjoys activities such as cooking,
swimming, trips to the theatre. He has made lovely friends and is always so excited to see them.
CHIPS involves our whole family allowing our other children to enjoy the activities with him, but to
also meet other siblings that are young carers too.
All of our children love going to CHIPS, the staff are amazing, kind, friendly and patient. They always
have time time to talk even though it’s busy.
Without CHIPS our son wouldn’t have the friends he has made, it’s lovely to see our children
enjoying a play-scheme together, but in their own individual way!
.being part of Chips Teens has enabled my son to make friends and have fun whilst being safe and supported.  It helps his confidence and independence to grow and he is able to develop his social skills in an age appropriate way.

‘I was delighted and felt completely at ease leaving my child at the scheme’

‘(we) loved the playscheme and all activities and felt safe’ ‘There was an impressive wide range of activities and obviously a lot of thought was used’ ‘Being able to relax and have a break without worries about how (child) was getting on’

‘A break, opportunity to catch up on studies or spend time with other sibling + partner’

‘Apart from being happier and more relaxed in general – its broken up a very long holiday. I’ve been able to get on with things that my son would not have participated in. I’m happy he’s with his friends socialising away from the computer. It helps me cope more with when he’s at home’

‘I am able to spend some quiet time with my daughter which is very important as it is extremely tiring and stress looking after a child with special needs.’