Playscheme assistant job description

This position involves working with children aged 3-19, who have a wide range of disabilities. The group also caters for the siblings of these children. When carrying out your duties it is vital to remember the main CHIPS principle, that is to ensure the children have fun together, whilst maintaining a safe and secure environment.

The Playscheme Assistant reports to: The Playleader or his/her deputy.

The assistant should support the leader in providing a stimulating and varied programme of play and ensuring the safety and well being of the children. In order to achieve this the assistant will:

  • help prepare and fully set out the play room before the children arrive and tidy it up after the children leave;
  • help plan, provide and take part in all the group’s activities;
  • listen to, encourage, stimulate and safeguard the children;
  • read and so fully understand the policies of CHIPS, and ensure that these policies are implemented.
  • ensure that the dignity of the children is maintained at all times;
  • ensure that the needs arising from the diversity and complexity of the disabilities of the children are met sensitively and appropriately;
  • work with a particular disabled child on a one to one basis, as allocated by the playscheme leader or deputy;
  • attend staff meetings and help prepare and implement the activities for the children;
  • take part in and help organise special events, outings and visits;
  • encourage parental involvement;
  • attend any relevant training;
  • keep completely confidential any information regarding the children, their families or other staff which is learnt as part of the job; unless disclosure is required to safeguard a child or young person.
  • advise the leader of any matter requiring attention such as concerns about a child, or equipment needing repair or replacement.

And above all – help our young people to have lots of fun!