We’ve put together some activities and support available if you’re not able to come to the schemes at the moment. We hope you enjoy them. If you want to be featured in our photo gallery showing off your fun, please email the picture to info@chipsplay.org


CHIPS Cooking recipes

Online fun activities to do at home

Family support


CHIPS Leaders Storytime – Lauren from Hoddesdon

CHIPS Leaders Storytime- Flik form Hertford


CHIPS Cookery Club recipes to try

All recipes have been made at our fortnightly cookery club

Please click the picture and it will download a recipe with step by step pictures which you can print and use.  

© Owned by CHIPS – use but please do not copy

CHIPS recipe chelsea buns (PDF 621KB)

CHIPS recipe Hot Cross Buns (PDF 671KB)

2 crepes on a plate

CHIPS recipe Crepes Suzettes (PDF 594KB)


Blueberries on 2 small pancakes with some cream

CHIPS recipe American pancakes with cherry berry sauce (PDF 717KB)


CHIPS recipe Onion Bhajees (PDF 438KB)


CHIPS recipe Chicken Tikka Masala (PDF 283KB)


CHIPS recipe Vegetable Samosas (PDF 664KB)


CHIPS recipe Chicken Tagine with couscous (PDF632KB)


CHIPS recipe French Apple Flan (PDF 720KB)


CHIPS recipe Eccles Cakes (PDF 809KB)

CHIPS recipe Turkey stew and dumplings (629KB)


CHIPS recipe banana and raisin flapjack (PDF 442KB)


CHIPS recipe Chicken Enchilada (PDF 601KB)


CHIPS recipe Minestrone Soup (PDF 646KB)


CHIPS recipe Sticky Chocolate Traybake (PDF 769KB) 


CHIPS recipe Naan Bread (PDF 371KB)


CHIPS recipe Apple Strudel (PDF 658KB)


CHIPS recipe pizza with a herby scone base (PDF 444KB)


CHIPS recipe Homemade Turkey Burgers with onions (PDF 382KB)


CHIPS recipe Lemon drizzle cake (449KB)

CHIPS recipe Banoffee Cheesecake (PDF 473KB)


CHIPS recipe Tomato and Rosemary Focaccia (PDF 780KB)



CHIPS recipe Chicken Tagine with couscous


Online fun activities to do at home

Twinkl are currently offering a large portion of their learning content for free! From EYFS to KS4; they also have a separate tab for SEND.

Time capsules are a great activity that will keep you busy for hours! An email has been sent out to all families.

Junk modelling is a fantastic way to have fun and get creative!

AC Education are offering a variety of online tutorials.

Printable drawing and activity sheets.

AC Education have been working  with some of their face to face trainers to put together some short videos sharing their thoughts on coping with the current situation and to help support you through such uncertain times. These videos are free to access on their YouTube site and please feel free to share the link with anyone you feel may benefit.

Family support

Here at Chips we understand that things can be tough right now. We want you to know that we are here to support you in any way we can. For those of you with children who are struggling there are some sites below that may be able to offer assistance. 

The National Autistic Society and Childline have some information around anxiety.  Family Action also have a webchat.  Family Lives have lots of parenting information and SPACE Herts have a closed Facebook group for parents of children with special needs.