Ensum Brown Estate Agents selects CHIPS as January Charity

ensumbrown_logoLive in Ware, Buntingford or anywhere in-between? Exciting news! The wonderful Ensum Brown Estate Agents in Ware have selected CHIPS as their charity partner for the month for January, and for every house they sell in that month, they will be making a donation to CHIPS!
But wait… thats not all, Ensum Brown are also challenging us – to get as many of their special charity sponsor boards up at properties in Ware and the surrounds as we can, and they will donate even more!
We need your help! For every special charity ‘for sale’ board we can get put up for the month of January, CHIPS will get £10! Don’t worry, the boards will mention CHIPS where they usually say ‘For Sale’. If you’re happy to have a board outside your home please email eb@chipsplay.org – we’d really love to see lots of boards up to raise the profile of CHIPS in the community, and raise some much needed funds!
The towns/villages we’re looking for support to put up boards in are Ware, Thudridge, Standon, Puckeridge, Standon, Braughing, Buntingford. So if you live in or near one of those, have your own property and wouldn’t mind having a board outside to support CHIPS, then drop us an email to eb@chipsplay.org.


Ensum Brown CHIPS Board


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